Recent Before & After Photos

Bathroom water damage

This bathroom in Garden Grove CA, was flooded by a A/C overflow that was clogged. The first picture was taken after our technician inspected the loss and marked... READ MORE

Water on Landing in Huntington Beach, CA

As you can see from the pictures, it is the Christmas season. Never a good time for water damage but especially when family is on their way over. This customer... READ MORE

Closet Removel of carpet/ Hardwood in Huntington Beach Ca

This water damage was the result of a broken pipe in the wall. The problem was that the customer did not notice until they came back from vacation. At least th... READ MORE

Kitchen Garbage Disposal in Huntington Beach, CA

SERVPRO of Huntington Beach received a call from a very distressed customer. The problem wasn't so much that the garbage disposal broke and was leaking, it was... READ MORE

Water Leak in Huntington Beach, CA

This customer called us after seeing our Yelp reviews. They could not figure out why their kitchen floor had standing water. Before heading to the place of re... READ MORE

Toilet Back up in Hungtion Beach, CA

It is hit or miss when you have toilet overflow. It can either be clean water (category 1) or dirty water ( category 3). A cat 3 toilet overflow requires much... READ MORE

Slab Leak

This area was the result of a slab leak. Unfortunately for the customer, they just finished remodeling the entire area. SERVPRO of Huntington Beach arranged f... READ MORE

Crawlspace covered with mold

This crawlspace started as a small supply line leak. No damage was done to the inside of the house but completely covered the crawl space. Lime was added to t... READ MORE


This loss was caused by a broken supply line to in the bathroom. Customer was not home at the time and a neighbor noticed water coming down the driveway. By th... READ MORE